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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sharks are scary but o! so very lovely

A vid of skindivers off the coast of North Carolina killing a large tiger shark: 

Things to consider:

  • Is it moral to use death to promote a product?
  • What if the death is of an animal feared in the deep wet bloody guts of all humans?
  • What if the animal doesn't have an agent?
  • What if the narrator of the story is unreliable?
  • "Read" his narrative as if you were him: 
    • What is he trying to defend? 
    • What is he trying to explain? 
    • What is he trying to rationalize?
    • What does he want you to believe about him?
My reading of it is that he is so totally wrapped up in the tale that he is trying to spin about himself that he can't see that the story isn't about him...

The Other Ego Epidemic:
"Help me, please, I think I'm a narcissist.  What do I do?"

There are a hundred correct answers, yet all of them useless, all of them will fail precisely because you want to hear them.

There's only one that's universally effective, I've said it before and no one liked it.
This is step 1: fake it.

You'll say: "but this isn't a treatment, this doesn't make a real change in me, this isn't going to make me less of a narcissist if I'm faking!"

All of those answers are the narcissism talking.  All of those answers miss the point: your treatment isn't for you, it's for everyone else

If you do not understand this, repeat step 1.

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"It will be someone blue-collar and unlicensed, though, inevitably - a nurse's aide with quick-bit nails, a hospital security guy, a tired Cuban orderly who addresses me as jou - who will, looking down in the middle of some kind of bustled task, catch what he sees as my eye and ask So yo then man what's your story?"

~David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest