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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ridiculous monkeys

We are just ridiculous monkeys, the lot of us.

We mourn someone we don't know, who did very little in the world except entertain us - but of course that is so important - we celebrate dominance based on nothingness: "King" of "Pop"? He was such a leader . . . in dancing? In singing? In dressing? In what, exactly? And what if he has escaped justice? What if he did molest those children? Weep because he brought so much to better humanity, right? You stupid, stupid monkeys.

We burn old people alive because we don't understand the epilepsy of a young boy. Backwards ignorant worthless mobs of monkeys. Yes I called black Africans monkeys. But they're no different from the white or brown or whatever color kind. We are all monkeys and those who can't see we are rank amongst the most ridiculous.

We allow drug addicts to own their children so that its ok for them to make dumb decisions like having a stupid, disturbed boy babysit their 2 year old, who of course is subsequently so badly beaten in the head that she lingers in a coma until her parents unplug her. Useless monkeys who can't even care for their young - the reason we exist.

Want more? Read, look around, live. All our goodness and decency and art and etc - what are they worth when we still are so damn ridiculous? Mere monkeys throwing our poop around, as if there isn't enough shit in the world.


  1. And yet some of these monkeys build hospitals, create meaningful jobs that provide for families, help abused women find safety and hope, take care of abandoned dogs and cats, and read stories to children.

  2. Hi, Jim!

    And yet some of these monkeys put people in hospitals or take off the wrong limb when they're in there; create meaningless jobs that suck the life out of many people and even kill them (think: mining for one) and that don't give them enough to feed their families; abuse women and cause them to lose hope enough that they take their own lives; use the fighting nature of some dogs as entertainment and burn cats alive; and write letters about raping, killing, and then EATING a child . . . and send it to the mother.

    You are a positive person and you have inspired me in the past. Today it's not going to work, even though I know it's bad for me to only dwell on the negative. Once in awhile someone needs to point out the shit, since we seem as a species to like to ignore it, which is unhealthy. As long as I don't succumb to it (which is also unhealthy). I know I won't because I do have hope, mostly. It's difficult to have today.

    But thanks for the perspective, anyway.

  3. Point is, it's not all shit, and it's not all daisies and puppies, either.

  4. Thanks for the goose in perspective, Jim - you always were good at that!


"It will be someone blue-collar and unlicensed, though, inevitably - a nurse's aide with quick-bit nails, a hospital security guy, a tired Cuban orderly who addresses me as jou - who will, looking down in the middle of some kind of bustled task, catch what he sees as my eye and ask So yo then man what's your story?"

~David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest